For the Life of Your Pet

Kent Veterinary Clinic provides all services under one roof, from routine wellness exams, elective surgeries, full diagnostic services including blood work and instant radiology with our state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. We also provide complete dental and oral care, and geriatric health and wellness consultations, among many other services. Our clinic is completely computerized, allowing our doctors access to specialists around the world to help with difficult and challenging cases.

We offer complete canine and feline medicine and surgery including:

Preventive Care: A 15-point body system physical exam; heartworm prevention; parasite prevention, nutritional counselling; vaccinations; and allergy shots.

Laboratory Diagnostics: Pre-anesthetic screenings, routine bloodwork, senior bloodwork, Fecal evaluation; cardiac proBNP screening; blood glucose monitoring, and parvo testing.

Diagnostic Imaging: Digital radiography, contrast radiography, and ultrasound.

Dentistry: Extractions, oral surgery, ultrasonic cleaning, and polishing.

General Surgery: Spay, neuter, lump removals, tissue biopsy, intestinal foreign body removal, and trauma.

Orthopedic Surgery: anterior cruciate ligament repair, luxating patella repair, femoral head excisions, and jaw wiring.

Ophthalmic: corneal debridement, cherry eye repair, and 3rd eyelid flaps.

For more difficult orthopedic cases we can assess and refer to board certified surgeons.

Weight Loss Program: We offer a weight loss program, sponsored by Hill's Veterinary Diets.  You can win prizes as your pet reaches weight loss goals.

Our Team at Work