Kent Veterinary Clinic

At KVC we provide complete 360 degree health care, ‘For the Life of Your Pet’. This includes routine wellness exams (including vaccinations and deworming programs), medical appointments, routine (spay and neuter) and emergency surgery (soft tissue and orthopedics), diagnostic services (blood work, radiology, ultrasound exams) dentistry, eye exams, and more. We interface with a number of specialists, both locally and online, to provide you and your pet with complete health care coverage.


Coquihalla Veterinary Services

Our companion office in Hope, CVS provides many of the on-site services listed above for KVC. Our doctors and staff move back and forth between the clinics daily, insuring that your pet’s health care needs are completely covered. When more complicated diagnostic or surgical services are required, our facility in Agassiz is there to provide.